Tux Paint — children’s drawing program

Tux Paint — as the name implies is a program for drawing, but not normal, and in the form of a children’s computer game. The kid seated in front of Tux Paint you would take it in fascinating process of creating images. As the motto of the program suitable phrase: Tux Paint — to play, to draw, to develop!

Tux Paint Курочка1Tux Paint drawing

Tux Paint is designed to draw children aged 3 to 12 years. It has a very simple intuitive interface and a lot of fun tools to create a unique children’s masterpieces.

Tux Paint Использование штампов2Tux Paint stamps

Among the tools is like a regular round brush and different shapes of brushes, lines, stamps and different effects. Children especially look forward to the library of different stamps as pictures with images of animals, vehicles, various items. Each of these strains when it is printed in the drawing area corresponding to the object emits a sound, such as frog croaks, lion roars, the plane emits the hum of the turbine, etc. It makes the process of drawing of particular elements of the game.

Tux Paint Использование штампов3Tux Paint to play

Created by young geniuses image, you can save and print, but if you want to upload to the Internet.

Tux Paint Простое рисование4Tux Paint drawing program

The program is available in all popular Linux distributions, including Ubuntu. And ported to Windows and MacOS. You can download the program from the official site http://tuxpaint.org/

In Ubuntu the program is installed from the app Center, search for tuxpaint, or by running in a terminal window the command:

sudo apt-get install tuxpaint

Tux Paint will certainly appeal to baby and parents!

Configuring TuxPaint

To configure TuxPaint need to install a separate program called tuxpaint-config. This is done similarly to installing the tuxpaint through the app Center or using the command:

sudo apt-get install tuxpaint-config

After installation in the menu shortcut, but we were in for an unpleasant surprise — Russified tuxpaint-config displays all labels in the main window with a question mark.

Вопросики в tuxpaint-config5Question marks in the window Configurator tuxpaint

Of course to set this in the Configurator that either is not possible. The fastest way is to run the Configurator tuxpaint-config with the English translation. This is done in the terminal with the command:

LC_ALL=C tuxpaint-config

You can then configure some program settings to suit your needs. Personally, I prefer to enable full screen mode, so that the child can concentrate on creativity.

tuxpaint полноэкранный режим6Page video settings Tuxpaint



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