zSILENCER is a remake of the multiplayer and the already existent platforming Silencer.

Silencer was released in 1999 year, Mind Control Software exclusively multiplayer, command-line game that combines elements of genre fiction shooter with elements of action-strategy. Game used by Sierra Games online service World Opponent Network (WON), 2004 the company fully closed Valve in favor of its platform Steam.

In 2001 year the online gaming service WON (World Opponent Network) stopped, along with the discontinuance of the service practically ceased to exist and the game Silencer. But the game is not forgotten 2007 , a group of fans of the game engaged in reverse engineering have created the first (test) server and client solution allowing you to run the game.

zSILENCER was created in 2013 year, the “from scratch“, as a replacement Silencer, “engine” uses the original sound and graphic data, and maps. The game is 99% accurate clone of the Silencer, the game servers are open and active around the clock. To start the game, you must create an account and log in, there is a training level (Tutorial/Guide).

zSILENCER is a platformer with a side view and a hacker theme, the rapid shooting and the unique gameplay. The levels are in the form of the extraterrestrial settlements, the action takes place on a Martian base called Arsia Mons, where there are groups of hackers, insurgents, known as Mufflers (Silencer). Group trying to overthrow the existing leadership base, by stealing and revealing secrets.

Although the game zSILENCER (Silencer) is stressed-command, but you have the option to play alone (which is unlikely the game will be successful), groups are working independently and they are unfriendly to each other. The player plays as one of the five news agencies, information piracy is the main motive of the game, teams (groups) compete in obtaining “secrets“. In fact, the game is a great version of the level “capture the flag“.

The player joining one of the five “rebel” agencies works with other members of the Agency, hacking computer terminals to search “secrets“. The player working in a team can buy items and weapons for yourself and to help your team succeed or to hinder opponents. The leader of each team creates a “door-to-database“to store the resources for treatment, storage shopping and found “the secrets“.

Mufflers are traveling through the game levels in search of computer devices has a green highlight, which means that they can try to hack (by pressing the corresponding key). For any break, the entire group of Attenuators is awarded, provided that it will deliver any information to his “base“. In addition to any found reports, the group may obtain information which will help to track the data archive of the category “top secret“.

Once the group discovers all the “secrets“she learns the location on the playing field giving the terminal for a short time, access to “top secret” information. The group need to find this terminal, to access information and the full squad will return to “base” and load “top secret” information in your computer.

When you move through the game level you need to be careful, because the officers of the state security tries to stop the group and remove dead package data for “Stripping” the remnants of the group and “base“. The first command which will extract all the “secrets” wins the job.

zSILENCER thanks to modern engine has many features which could not be available in the original game. For example, you can create your own maps, control audio, scroll through the music and control the volume. You can replace the 8-bit sounds of your own weapons, have a chat with support for message archive, slightly changed the characteristics of the weapons, characters, controls, and more…

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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