FreeDoom free Doom for Ubuntu

Free analogue of the cult game Doom 2 is FreeDoom for Windows for Linux. Genre FreeDoom – the first-person shooter. The first Doom game appeared in 1993, and in 1997 the Doom source code for Linux was published on the Internet under the free proprietary license. Two years later, the game was licensed under General Public License, the data files of the original game, even today, are paid.

In order to allow users to enjoy a completely free game, and was created a project called Free Doom. To play you will need two files: the game engine (the software part of the product) and Free Doom IWAD (it contains the sounds, textures, levels, etc.).

Gameplay FreeDoom

The protagonist of the game – marine, successfully completed the hellish forces on Mars and its satellites Phobos and Deimos. After returning home to their native Land, the marine discovers the hordes of monsters here. As many as thirty levels you’ll be forced to carry an unequal fight with alien creatures. In the end, your hero will discover the surviving inhabitants of the Land at the spaceport in and help the last members of the human race to escape on the transport ship. Pleased with himself, the marine calmly waiting for death. He is confident that people will be saved and humanity will be reborn somewhere on a distant planet.


Fugitives reported to the marine who found the portal through which the Earth is being invaded by the forces of evil. However, even when they reached the gates, the marine is not clear how to close them. To save the Earth, one thing remains – to go straight to hell. There is a marine kills the main demon that is responsible for the invasion. Dying, evil destroys and hell, resulting in the invasion of supernatural creatures is terminated.

Installation of games FreeDoom on Linux

In order for the game to start, you need to install prboom (game engine) and game (IWAD). Go to the terminal when run the following command:

sudo apt-get install prboom freedoom.

To run the game, type in a terminal the following command: freedoom. To get more information on the game engine, run the man prboom.


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