BZFlag – a tank battle in Linux

BZFlag is a multiplayer artillery shooter from the first person, or just tanks. The game’s Creator, Chris Shoneman has developed a product for SGI machines. As a “framework” was used by the famous Battlezone. At the moment, the project coordinator is Tim Riker. BZFlag is an abbreviation for “Battle Zone capture the Flag”, which translates as “battlefield capture the Flag”. The game is multiplatform, it is possible to download versions for Windows, Solaris, BSD, Mac OS and Linux.


In BZFlag each player controls war machines – tanks, which romp across the expanses of not destroying the game world. From the point of view of physics and common sense, the tanks have a very strange property that they can pass through other tanks. However, this “trick” fails with the buildings and other objects.

The main task of the player is to destroy enemy tanks. To determine where the, and where strangers are very simple: in the BZFlag have red, green, purple and blue fighting machine. There are dark brown – it’s all “extremists”: they will destroy their own or others. To win battles you need to use not only tanks, but other weapons and equipment: lasers, missiles, to enable stealth mode, fast and furious, etc.

Game modes

The developers have taken care of a variety BZFlag, including the game several modes. Besides the main, there is a free mode (free-style), mode capture the flag, rabbit chase. In each mode the player has different objectives: for example, in the mode capture the flag, you must steal the enemy flag and carry it into their database. Rabbit chase mode is a mode of hunting a rabbit. One player plays the role of the victim and the rest of the hunters.

The flags in the game

In addition to the flags of the enemy, in the game you can pick up “all sorts” of flags – they give you extra abilities in battle. For example, the flag Invisible Bullet makes your shots invisible to enemy radar.

Install BZFlag

On the game’s official website available ready packages for Windows and MacOS X. For Linux-based OS the game is distributed in source code. However, in Ubuntu (like many other popular distributions), the game is present in the official repositories, though not the first freshness. To install bzflag on Ubuntu just search for the app Center key word bzflag , or run in a terminal window the command:

sudo apt-get install bzflag

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