TrueCombat: Elite is an elite game for Linux

The game “TrueCombat: Elite” is a modification of another acclaimed masterpiece, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. “Combat Elite” is a tactical shooter, play this game can users of Windows, Mac OS and Linux. A distinctive feature of the brainchild Team Terminator and Groove Six Studios is the presence of built-in protection against cheaters.

Gameplay Combat: Elite

“Elite combat” is a simulation of military operations in the modern big city. So it is quite possible to draw Parallels between “TrueCombatt: Elite” and “Counter-Strike”, “Modern Warfare”. However, the game is more realistic than its counterparts.

Each player “combat Elite” must first choose which two teams will play. The goal may be to or destruction of the opposing team or defuse the bomb or capture the flag. In the first case it will be the game modes Bodycount in the second – Objective mode. The third mode is Capture The Flag, abbreviated as CTF.

Terrorists vs special forces

The name of the opposing teams, the developers did not come up using the already well-established pattern: terrorists and special forces. In each team there are three classes of men: “forwards”, “scouts” and “snipers”. The weapon “striker”: shotguns, assault rifles, pistols and one hand grenade. “Scouts” can be armed with guns, shotguns, pistols, machine guns, and additional technical kit. The sniper is given one smoke grenade, a pistol and a sniper rifle.

In General, the variety of weapons in “combat Elite” is simply amazing: five guns, many submachine guns and rifles, three assault rifles, two shotguns, six sniper rifles.

The game has 6 official and much more Amateur cards.

Also, as in Operation FlashPoint, the game is completely absent unrealistic overlapping run. Although shoot “from the hip”, but it is still recommended to use this sight each weapon.

Summing up the above, we can conclude that “TrueCombat: Elite” should download and install it on your computer – this game will bring you lots of pleasure and the sea of adrenaline!

To install TrueCombat: Elite on Ubuntu

  • Connect the Playdeb repository.
  • Install Wolfenstein Enemy Territory command in the terminal sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install enemy-territory
  • Start the game and create a user.
  • Patches download True Combat Elite 0.49 and the 0.49 b Patch from here.
  • Unzip the patch 0.49 and put it in the folder /home/yourname/.etwolf
  • Unzip the 0.49 b patch and put it in a folder in the tcetest
  • If done correctly TCE will appear in the mod Enemy Territory
  • Run the mod and enjoy.
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