First glance: improved theme Yaru preparing for Ubuntu 19.10

If all goes according to plan, in the next Ubuntu release No. 19.10 will be added better GTK theme – Yaru. In this post we will look at some of the changes made in this update.

At the time of writing the “new” version of the theme was not available for testing (although it can be compiled from source).

However, there are a couple of screenshots in low resolution that demonstrate the superior theme Yaru, and there are a few noticeable, albeit minor differences.

For example, the title bar no longer look completely flat, since the toolbar buttons have a distinctive border.

Switches previously looked like in Ubuntu Phone (a rectangle with rounded corners). In new Yaru switches are the same as in the Adwaita theme (or in iPhone, as someone like).

Selected menu items now have an orange background, but supplied with Yaru style files have full light and dark theme ( discussed adding GNOME Shell 3.34 add switch light/dark theme, but it is still there, but this opportunity provides an additional tool GNOME Tweaks).

A few other changes in a new topic Yaru GTK include recycled tab “pages” (now with a dark background and an orange stripe in the style of “metro”), a cavity of volume slider (can’t think of a better way to describe it) is marked and not filled, and when adjusting the volume there are (apparently) some small changes in the OSD menu.

Finally, the padding / spacing between the elements is now more consistent theme Adwaita; Yaru uses smaller value of the indentation (so it looks more collected, as in Adwaita).


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