xonix is the arcade C++ / X Window System game, port of the once popular DOSgames Xonix.

Xonix is a computer game created in 1984 year, platform – PC (DOS) as a clone of the game Qix, released in 1981 year, La arcade machines.

The game xonix has to move the point on the playing field, there where the point is drawn the line. You want to draw a rectangle (square), if you draw a closed rectangle, it is colored (color changes).

Draw lines to prevent the point of the “enemies“, randomly moving on the playing field (rebounding from the edges, like a ball), which eventually need to be enclosed in the shaded area, a rectangle size of not more than 25% of the playing field.

The point of the “enemies” can’t get into the “shaded” field, but a dot “enemy” which moves along the shaded field at the contact point of the player loses “life“. There are three “life“, with each level the difficulty increases, to control using a keyboard.

License: Proprietary (AS-is / Source code is open)

Page launchpad.net

Page opendesktop.org

Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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