LibreOffice — office Suite, including word processor and spreadsheet program to create presentations, vector graphics editor, formula editor and a database management program.

LibreOffice is a complete office package and offers loads of possibilities for creating office documents of various degree of complexity.


LibreOffice was created in 2010 as a fork of the office Suite (hereinafter simply OpenOffice). This event was preceded by a series of events. To trace the entire chain, turn to the history of the development of OpenOffice.

The ancestor of OpenOffice is a proprietary package StarWriter. StarWriter was developed by the German student Marco Burris, who started developing programs within the framework of writing their final thesis. He also founded the company Star Division for software development.

In 1999, Sun Microsystems bought Star Division, over 73.5 million dollars, changed its name to StarWriter by making the program code is open. Over the next 10 years the development of OpenOffice was managed by Sun Microsystems.

In 2009 Oracle bought Sun Microsystems, and there was some concern about what would happen to OpenOffice.

In 2010, the majority of OpenOffice developers left the project, forming a non-profit organization The Document Foundation. The structure of the organization includes about 95% of the previous community OpenOffice.

The Document Foundation has decided to create a fork of OpenOffice called LibreOffice. In 2011 was released the first version of LibreOffice.

In 2011, Oracle decided about the termination of development of OpenOffice, fired the rest of OpenOffice and transferred the project to the Apache Foundation.

Currently, LibreOffice continues to develop under the leadership of The Document Foundation.

Composition LibreOffice

  • LibreOffice Writer

    Text editor.

  • LibreOffice Calc

    The table editor.

  • LibreOffice Impress

    Program for creating presentations.

  • LibreOffice Draw

    The vector editor.

  • LibreOffice Base

    The database management system.

  • LibreOffice Math

    The equation editor.


Application package LibreOffice pre-installed in many Linux distributions.

Linux installation of LibreOffice can be configured in different ways. The most common installations:

  • PPA repository
  • Snap-pack
  • DEB package from the official site
  • RPM package from the official site


Used languages: C++, Python, Java, XML.

Open source.

License: Mozilla Public License v2.0.

release.. Dec 20186.2.114 Feb 20196.2.206 20196.2.321 20196.2.407 Mar Mar Jun Jun 20196.2.520 20196.2.628 Jul 20196.207 Feb 2019Что нового6.308 Aug 2019Что new
The program website (free download)
The program is cross-platform and works in:

  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

Screenshots of the program

  • LibreOffice (version:


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