Oolite is a space simulator for Linux

Oolite is a space SIM, which is absolutely free for owners of devices with the operating system Linux, Mac OS, FreeBSD, Windows and others. Oolite is an abbreviation for Object Oriented Elite. The cause of such abbreviations, in General, is simple. First, the game is written in the programming language Objective, and secondly, the prototype for Oolite was a computer game Elite, released by Acomsoft in 1984.

Gameplay Oolite

Each player in Oolite is a space ship that can travel from one galaxy to another using wormhole, produced by ship engines. In each planetary system, where you will get, there is only one living planet – it rotates around it with some period of the orbital station. If there is sufficient amount of fuel a wormhole can be created almost anywhere in the space. However, the ship always “comes up” at some distance from the base station, so you will have to go some distance in “normal” space. On this journey you will encounter other ships, while not always friendly to you. And in this case, a deadly space battle is inevitable. Destroy your enemy using missiles or laser. However, keep in mind that space ships during fights do not obey the laws of Newton for example, a spaceship dodging your laser, can instantly change the speed (does not have the property of inertia), except that, during the battle at the ships not valid the law of gravity.

The main tasks of the player

Feature of game simulator Oolite is the lack of specific mandatory missions, goals and objectives. Here have the value of two things money and ratings. In order to make money, you can, for example, buy in the same star system goods and resell them in another. You can destroy the ship of the pirates, or Vice versa, to become a “gentleman of fortune” and Rob met on the way of merchant ships. With the explosion of the spacecraft, some of the goods may remain intact – assemble it and then sell. Your ship may also extract minerals, including asteroids. This requires special equipment. Earn “money” is possible and by transporting people and goods at different distances.

Any vessel that you “knocked out”, increases your ranking on a number of points. The lowest level of rating is “harmless”, and the two highest “step” — “deadly” and “elite”.

To install Oolite in Ubuntu

To install you need to download the archive with the game from the official site: http://oolite.org/download.shtml. You have the opportunity to choose from stable release or latest and your OS architecture (i386 is 32bit, AMD64 is 64bit). Unzip the downloaded archive in a convenient folder and run the only file with the extension .run. If the file does not run, it is necessary to set the attributes on the running of the program.


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