Language setup in Jenkins

4 years ago, I was trying to use Jenkins for CI/CD. But frankly, he did not come at all (for some reason). For anybody not a secret that this software is used in 90% of cases not only where I work, but in the whole world (although there are many other cool alternatives). My friends and colleagues know how I feel about him, but work is work, you need to use Jenkins on the project as much as I wanted…

As for me, Jenkins is very raw to be use in PROD-e and this technology was a breakthrough decision for those times, but not now! Why do I think so? Yes, actually the article is about. Developed not smart enough to write a standard solution for language switching. “Comfy”! The solution of course there is how to use the plugin (of course, maybe the developers another look and they complement all the plugins, but I don’t think it’s appropriate for this example). But to be honest — it’s crap, not the solution for me. Anyway, I was fed up of semi-translation of pages in Jenkins and want to use pure ang — lang is better than the half broken Russian, which Jenkins takes with browser settings.

Well, actually we need the “Locale Plugin” plugin. To install it, go to:

“Manage Jenkins” -> “Manage Plugins” and go to the tab “Available”. In the field Filter, enter the name of the plugin, in this case, is the “Locale plugin”. Click to install, set and restart Jenkins in order for it work.

Plug-in set, now open “Manage Jenkins” -> “Configure System” and find the “Locale” section. In the field “Default Language” is necessary to prescribe the language, for example “en_US”:

Here sobsvenno and all solution. Put native, English and even very pleased.

And this from the article “setting language in Jenkins” has been completed.


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