NitroShare is a cross — platform program to transfer files and directories between computers inside a local network.

The program NitroShare is very simple and does not require any configuration. It allows you to send files or whole directories between computers inside a local network.

The program is cross-platform and allows you to share files between Linux, Windows and MacOS. Communication between different systems, the software installs automatically.

Features of the program

Features of NitroShare:

  • Easy to use.
  • Pop-up notifications to send and receive files.
  • Automatic establishment of connections between the programs within your local network.
  • Support file sharing between applications installed on different operating systems (Linux, Windows, MacOS).
  • Forwarding one or more files over the network.
  • Forwarding directories across the network.
  • High speed file transfer.
  • The ability to specify a name to identify the program.
  • The ability to specify a directory in which to save the received files.
  • The ability to overwrite existing files with the same name.
  • Support for TLS (Transport Layer Security).
  • The ability to change the port number.
  • The ability to set the buffer size.
  • Support mass sending of files to multiple recipients.

How to transfer files

NitroShare does not require any pre-configuration. Simply install the program on two computers and they automatically recognize each other and establish a connection.

Moreover, the program does not have to be installed in the same operating systems. So you can share files between Linux and Windows or, for example, Linux and MacOS.

When you run the program adds its icon to the notification area (system tray). To send files click on the icon and in the drop-down menu, select Send Files to send files, or Send Directory to send the whole directory.

Then select one or more files. To select multiple files hold the Ctrl key or the Shift key.

A window opens with a list of all connected instances of the programs Nitroshare. Select a system/computer on which you want to forward files and click Ok.

Files will be sent automatically and stored on the target computer.

A pop-up notification.


The program is written in C++ using Qt 5. The interface is implemented in Qt 5.

The program code is open (Open Source).


The program is in the official repositories of Ubuntu Linux.

Instructions for installing the program in other distributions you can find on the official website of the program.

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Install NitroShare in Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install nitroshare
The program website (free download):NitroShare
The program is cross-platform and works in:

  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

Screenshots of the program

  • List the uploaded files (version: 0.3.3)

  • The program settings (version: 0.3.3)


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