Skrifa is a multifunctional Electron (Node.js) / Chromium / GTK GUI application for creating and organizing notes.

Skrifa is a minimalistic and simple user interface that is not distracting and lets you concentrate on content creation. Supports changing skins interface there are several pre-made themes and have the option creating your own theme (to create a new CSS-theme requires at least basic knowledge of HTML and JavaScript).

Before using Skrifa to create a PGP (OpenPGP) key to encrypt notes, a local or network using the registration on the website of the project. To generate the key used email address and password, uploaded to the sever key is also stored locally (implemented by counterparts with the email service ProtonMail).

If you create only a local key to take care of his safety, because only through it you can get access to your notes. If the user already has a PGP key created in another application you can use it similarly and the key Skrifa can be used in other applications using GNU Privacy Guard (GnuPG, GPG) encryption.

Skrifa while using authorization on the service does not track the user, is saved on the server only the user name, password (the password cache), public and private keys (encrypted key phrase). When using only the local key is absolutely no information on the service is not loaded.

Regardless of the method of creating a PGP key before using Skrifa need to enter the password to decrypt the notes. Created note edited using a word processor with a minimal set of essential functions. Supported basic formatting of text, insertion of local and network images, and audio and video clips.

Skrifa editor can be used as a visual HTML or Markdownis supported and direct editing formatting. Support for inserting and displaying mathematical formulas using markup to LaTeX (via Mathjax library), you can use the editor and code, supports code highlighting for many programming languages (using Prism.js).

Skrifa allows you to import notes directly adding text files to any formats as well as ready HTML or Markdown documents. Added and created notes can be distributed across sections, a simple drag and drop (Drag & drop / Drag & drop method). Individual notes can be exported in Skrifa file (*.skf), file Skrifa Lite (*.skrifa), HTML, Markdown, PDF document or sent to print.

Skrifa Lite — a simplified version of the original version of Skrifa, is intended for users who do not need a lot of privacy. While maintaining all the functionality of the “lightweight” version of the removed encryption, which greatly increased the speed of loading apps, this is especially noticeable if you have many notes (since they are always stored encrypted).

Skrifa saves the notes locally only, so the user must periodically make backup copy (*.skb file)to prevent loss of information. Built-in function to create and restore allows is easy to perform (automatic backup is not provided. Management is focused on using the mouse, partially supported keyboard controls.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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