Lincity-ng — outdoor analog SimCity2000

SimCity was one of the first economic strategies on PC. We present to your attention its free and open analogue of LinCity-Ng

The statistics of the game LinCity-NG

In LinCity-ng you build a city like in SimCity, build houses, farms, manufacturing facilities, stores, and try to bring happiness to your citizens at a decent level, and the economy in profits. Quiet peaceful gameplay, and build your perfect city of dreams can be days or even months.

In addition to economic indicators, you will need to monitor the environmental situation, science and education, as well as production.

Winning the game is achieving a stable economy, then you can continue the game, the second goal is to construct a spacecraft to evacuate the entire population to another planet.

In games of this genre the graph as it is known is of secondary importance, a nice addition, but by far not the main thing! Graphics LinCity-NG is very simple and straightforward. All control is with the mouse.

Installing the game in Ubuntu are installed from the standard repositories: to look in the app Center lincity-ng, or run in a terminal window the command:

sudo apt-get install lincity-ng

And on the official website of the game you can download version for Windows.

How to play LinCity

The first step is to build a sufficient number of farms, shop and residential buildings. Prior to construction of any object I recommend to first become acquainted with its description. This can be done by right-clicking on it in the construction menu.

The construction of the city LinCity

Connect the buildings with roads to transport worked. Shop build closer to residential complexes. Obviously how many you have of the population and how fast it grows depends on the speed of construction. First thing after establishing the population growth and its nutrition to build the monument. He adds science and inspiring citizens.

After the completion of the monument there will be the possibility of building a school and it starts with the development of science in your city. In parallel opens up new buildings to increase production of minerals. Carefully read their descriptions and build according to the requirements of your city.

Develop science, the growth of the population and the economy and your city will become the great city 😉


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