Team Fortress 2 in Ubuntu

Team Fortress 2 is the game based on the classes in the game, which differ in their skills, abilities and different weapons. This game was created not only for the stupid running around, but as a tactical shooter with its strategy and tactics, in a clear interaction of different classes in the game, who have one goal-a win over the enemy team.

So now, let us analyze in more detail the classes in the game, what are their main differences, what are the advantages and disadvantages.
Let’s start with this class in the game as the commander. This class in the game has that ability, like an invisible moving around the map, also have this ability as monitoring the battlefield using cameras engineers. In addition it is possible to give orders to team members and conduct strategic maneuvers.

Next is a class a light infantryman. It’s a light class, which quickly moves on the map, but when they met with the more heavily armed classes is hard enough to cope. The main weapon of the class Ultrasound.
Field medic — this class is armed with the M16, and having the ability to heal teammates.
Heavy infantry — heavily armed good class. Primary weapon heavy machine gun. Playing as this class you can safely go to the break on opponents.

The rocketeer — too heavily armed class, armed with SMAW rocket launcher. But there is one major drawback, this class can fire only squatting.
Sniper is the most lightly armed class in the game, but of course it kompensiruet precision weapons. Among the equipment there is a rifle М40А1.

The paratrooper class is armed with a grenade launcher, this class is similar in armament and rocket.

Spy — the basic principle of the game on this class is stealth and caution, playing for a spy you need to slowly get close to the enemy. The main armament of this class is the trailing wires. Also the spy can disguise themselves as dead enemies.
Engineer class which can set turrets and cameras.

Installing Team Fortress 2 in Ubuntu

  • Install and set up Steam.
  • Go to steam — in tab store, choose games on Linux-find this game in the list, click Install
  • After installing the game will appear in Steam library, then it will run and enjoy the game.
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