X File Explorer

X File Explorer (Xfe) is a lightweight, fast and easy file Manager for Linux. Supports dual-panel mode.

X File Explorer is a simple but functional file Manager. It supports all basic operations for working with files and has other useful functions. It features extremely low consumption of RAM.

The appearance and interface

In classic view, the program resembles Windows Explorer. In the left part there is a tree of directories. To the right of the file list. From the top menu bar and a toolbar with buttons. The bottom status bar.

Above the file list displays the path to the current directory and enables navigation to any directory within the path. There is also a separate line of the address in text form.

The interface is very simple and no-frills.

Interface elements can be disabled via the View menu.

Initially the program was based on the file Manager X Win Commander, which is not developing. Its peculiarity lay exactly in the fact that it looks very similar to Windows Explorer (file Explorer).

In addition to the classic appearance is supported by two-pane mode, one pane and two pane with a directory tree.

Supported themes. To change the theme via the menu item edit→preferences→Themes. The theme changes the color scheme. Also change theme icons.

Features of the program

Some of the features of the program Xfe:

  • Several interface modes:

    • One panel
    • File tree and one panel
    • Two pane mode
    • Two-pane view with tree
  • Support for horizontal display panels.
  • Multiple view modes files:
    • Icons
    • List
    • Table
  • The ability to enable and disable user interface elements.
  • Support themes.
  • All the basic functions for work with files: create a file/folder, rename, copy, paste, cut (cut), deleting, creating symbolic links, restoring from the recycle bin.
  • Supports work with archives. Supported formats: tar, compress, zip, gzip, bzip2, xz, 7zip.
  • Sort the files. When sorting takes into account the indexes of files, for example if the files have names abc4.txt and abc10.txt the file number 10 will be placed after a file with the number 4. In many file managers file abc10.txt were located first, as the comparison would take place the first digit in the name.
  • Ability to filter list of files by mask.
  • The ability to create bookmarks.
  • Built-in tools for file search, including search by content.
  • Other possibilities…

In addition to the file Manager part of the program includes the following utilities:

  • xfw — Write X File — a simple text editor.
  • xfi — X File Image — a simple image viewer.
  • xfp — X File Package — utility to install, remove, and view RPM and DEB packages.


The program is written in C++ and uses a library (the Toolkit) FOX, which is designed for creating graphical user interfaces. The program has no other dependencies (except FOX), so not tied to any desktop environment.

Xfe is fully translated into Russian language.

To install X File Explorer in Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install xfe
The program website (free download):X File Explorerscreenshots of the program

  • X File Explorer (version: 1.42.1)

  • Two-pane mode (version: 1.42.1)

  • The thumbnail viewer (version: 1.42.1)

  • Utility X File Image image viewer (version: 1.42.1)

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