nnn — original C (si) / Curses console file Manager is extensible by plugins.

nnn is very light and quick, suitable for use on devices with limited resources. In addition to the functions common to most file managers have a disk usage analyzer, the interface for launching applications, system mass renaming, wildcard search and regular expressions are supported by tabs (four), and fast navigation as the name (file/directory).

File Manager nnn has two modes of displaying information (simple and detailed), system of tabs provides quick navigation to commonly used directories, there is an interface to access external file systems (via SSHFS). For files and directories there are several sort modes, differentiation of different types of catalogs colors, with tools for working with archives, supported the use of baskets, etc…

nnn allows you to extend the functionality through plugins (available with nineteen official plugins), you can create your own (will be added to the directory ~/.config/nnn/plugins). File Manager you can use the console plugin for text editor VIM (Vi Improved). To control using keyboard and/or mouse settings can be set from the command line and/or in a configuration file.

License: BSD (Berkeley Software Distribution license)

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Author: posixru

Source: zenway.ru

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