Ubuntu wants to simplify the installation of the new Nvidia driver for Linux

Installing a new NVIDIA graphics driver on Ubuntu can be simplified.

Ubuntu comes more and more gamers, so it requires the new driver.

The Ubuntu developers are considering the creation of a whole new ‘official’ PPA to ease the installation of new NVIDIA drivers a closed source for PC users.

This step will benefit the gamers Ubuntu, because it stabilnosti of the entire operating system when installing drivers nothing will threaten.

A new driver will be installed and updated only via PPA, only if the user intentionally enabled this functionality. All the rest continue to receive and use the previous stable versions of the NVIDIA drivers for Linux from the Ubuntu archive.

What does it do?

In Ubuntu there is a driver – but they don’t last.

Graphics drivers NVIDIA with closed source you can install from the Ubuntu archive (using command line, synaptic or additional tools install drivers), they work fine and can easily cope with complex desktop shell Unity.

But when it comes to games, priorities change.

If you want to experience each frame and the textures in HD as one of the modern games in the Steam store, you have to get the latest drivers.

‘Installing the latest Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu Linux is not always safe and sufficient complex.’

The newer the driver, the higher the likelihood that it will support modern technology and features, new drivers may contain specific game settings or bug fixes.

The only problem is that to install the new NVIDIA drivers in Ubuntu are not always secure, and easy.

There are many third-party PPA, was developed by enthusiasts in order to fill the gap. But since in these PPA contains experimental and often cutting-edge programs, their use often carries with it great risk. Adding state of the art PPA is often the fastest way to completely destroy the system!

A solution that will allow Ubuntu users to install the latest graphics drivers, as in the third-party PPA, just need! But it is also important to be able at any time to safely roll back to the stable version from the archive, in case the need arises.

‘The need for fresh drivers is hard to ignore’

‘The need for fresh drivers in a growing market it becomes impossible to ignore, users increasingly demand the latest innovations,’ explains George Castro in the newsletters of Ubuntu.

‘[NVIDIA] simplifies all user action for installing the drivers to do the impossible [in Windows 10]. Until then, until we can convince NVIDIA to work with Ubuntu, we only have to compensate for this functionality.’

Offer Castro on the long-awaited NVIDIA PPA is the easiest way to compensate for such functionality.

‘A solution that will allow Ubuntu users to quickly and easily install the drivers already on the way.’

Gamers will be able to enable getting new drivers through the PPA directly from the standard tool download drivers in Ubuntu — don’t have to copy and paste the lines in terminal from different web sites or wiki pages.

As Castro himself sees it: ‘Lyudit want all the new, and they get it by any means. Therefore, we must make sure that users get what they want without threat to their computers.’

And you would have to use this PPA? How do you assess the performance of the standard Nvidia drivers in Ubuntu? Share your thoughts in the comments, friends!

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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