Numpty Physics: the game physics or the physical game

Perhaps the most useful of all of the games are games in which you need to train your memory and ingenuity. We offer you to play free game with a rather unusual plot. We are talking about Numpty Physics v0.2. This product uses library Box2D Engine and reminiscent of Crayon Physics.

School physics like game

The playing field Numpty Physics is a casually crumpled piece of paper with something as depicted in this figure. The player can use a pencil, with which you can draw on the “paper” physical objects: blocks, levers, inclined planes, and more.

Unlike other graphic editors, in Numpty Physics all laws of physics, which is taught in school. These laws will obey everything that you draw. For example, if you draw stone, hovering in the air, it always falls to the ground, or to the first obstacle.

If you draw a mountain, and on it a round ball, the ball, driven by gravity, will roll down. If the ball touches the second, but smaller ball, then roll down they will have together. However, the speed of the first balloon will also decrease.

How to move a massive object, which is on a flat firm surface? You need to draw with a pencil a fulcrum and a lever that is placed under this subject. On the free shoulder of the lever need to apply pressure. This purpose draw, for example, the anvil. In the game you can connect different items.

The goal of the game

The aim of the game is to connect together the yellow star and a red balloon. Sometimes, instead of a red ball is used other object, and the yellow stars can be several. However, this is not always easy – our objects “A” and “b” are separated by not only distance but also obstacles.

In addition to physical laws, Numpty Physics, you can use your imagination of what lies under the skull. So, you are allowed to throw, roll, drag, push the ball, and perform other actions. In this case, you have the right to use the beam, bars, levers, inclined planes, pulleys, pulley blocks and other devices. Most importantly – include your imagination!

In conclusion of our short review I must say that Numpty Physics v0.2 is a multi – level game, and each level can go several ways. Thus, the game will be interesting even to those who pass its second or third time.

To install Numpty Physics Ubuntu

You need to download from website Deb package for your processor architecture and install in the usual way (manual installation of. deb package) Website: On the website as there are packages for other Linux distributions and for Windows, MacOS, FreeBSD, etc.


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