PDFShuffler — a simple program to combine multiple PDF files into one with the ability to perform basic editing.

PDFShuffler is very simple and intuitive interface. You add to the program several PDF files. They are displayed page by page as thumbnails. On each page, you can perform actions:

  • move (move by dragging with the mouse);
  • rotate 90 degrees left/right;
  • to trim (crop);
  • remove;
  • to export the page into a separate PDF file.

When you have made and properly edited page, you can save everything in one PDF file.

The program is not translated into Russian language, but should not cause difficulties.

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To install PDFShuffler in Ubuntu Linux:sudo apt install pdfshufflerscreenshots of the program

  • An example of combining PDF files (version: 0.6.0)

Source: pingvinus.ru

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