CAVEZ of PHEAR — a console – C (si) / Ncurses TUI arcade puzzle ASCII clone of the game Boulder Dash.

Boulder Dash is a series of computer games, the first version was released in 1984 year, for 8-bit computers, but it was soon ported to other platforms. The authors of the game Peter Liepa (Peter Liepa) and Chris gray (Chris Gray), game publisher company First Star Software (until today, is its owner).

Game character CAVEZ of PHEAR (Boulder Dash his name Rockford) must go through all the caves and stay alive. Along the way, the character will have to collect the scattered caves diamonds, avoid dangerous creatures, while trying not to get hit by falling rocks and do not get sidetracked.

The first release of CAVEZ of PHEAR took place in October 2003, the latest official version (0.5.1) was released in late 2011 . The original version of the game contains eleven levels, in an informal version (number 0.6 from the beginning of 2010) included two levels, very simple, designed for initial familiarization with the gameplay.

Character is represented in the form of a capital letter “Z“starting the journey in the upper left corner of the playing field. The character is given three “life“, for the collected items (diamonds, money, etc) to earn points, after a set of thousands of points the character is added to “life“. With each level the game is moistened, the character can place and detonate the “bomb“, there are mobile enemies (if you catch up I’ll kill you).

CAVEZ of PHEAR has a built-in “level Editor(Level editor) to create new and edit existing levels. System requirements of the game minimum, are supported in any modern terminal emulator (the minimum window size 80х25)to control using a keyboard.

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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