The release of Ubuntu LTS 18.04.3. The transition core 5.0

Those who wanted to try out Ubuntu 18.04 LTS can download the latest release, which is available for download from today.

Ubuntu 18.04.3 is the third of five key releases scheduled for release within the latest long-term support and the second release of this year.

The meaning of such a release can be explained by one simple word: convenience.

The Ubuntu releases are new installation images .iso, which contain all bug fixes, security fixes, performance improvements, and updates of key applications released in the OS since the previous installation image.

All these important updates included in the new disc image, it saves time on the number of updates that must be downloaded and applied after installation.

Integration Livepatch

Among the many fixes in Ubuntu LTS 18.04.3 that may be of interest to PC users, it is possible to note changes in the display and choosing the color emoji in the emoji pack (ctrl + .); many fixes and enhancements to GNOME Shell and Mutter; software Ubuntu now displays reviews from other Ubuntu users.

But that’s not all…

Ubuntu 18.04.3 also includes a new Linux kernel 5-th version, the same version of kernel as in Ubuntu 19.04. Among the many changes Linux 5.0 contains a list of improved hardware support, performance enhancements and other improvements.

Also improved support for patch Canonical using a table indicator. Livepatch is free for home users, but requires an account to Ubuntu One.

Download 64-bit image of Ubuntu LTS 18.04.3

How to upgrade?

If you installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS using .iso images, released in April of last year, and you have installed all the updates and hotfixes that were released since you’re technically already using the majority of this release.

You will not get an updated kernel and graphics drivers. To get them, you will need to connect to the so-called “hardware support”(“hardware enablement”) or HWE.

To install HWE in Ubuntu 18.04 LTS, enter the following command:

sudo apt-get install --install-recommends linux-generic-hwe-18.04 xserver-xorg-hwe-18.04

Be sure to reboot.

If you installed Ubuntu 18.04 LTS using the second edition (Ubuntu 18.04.2), released in February, and have since installed all the updates, you technically already have Ubuntu 18.04.3 – you will automatically receive HWE.


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