Stunt Rally

Stun Rally is an arcade racing game in rally style races (racing cross country). The arcade game add various unreal ring tunnels, tubes and rings.

There are 54 tracks, 8 scenarios, 7 cars and a track editor to create new tracks.

Stun Rally — view from car

The game is based on the least-known in narrow circles game vdrift, which essentially is an an independent game. In Stun Rally is to ride on closed (circular) tracks with various trick devices, such as a long twisting tunnels, vertical loops, jumps and other…

Stun Rally — track

The game is available both under Linux and under Windows. For Ubuntu there is repository ppa:stuntrally-team/stabl and ppa:andrewfenn/ogredev (as enable). After adding repositories the game installed from the app center search name: stuntrally or in a terminal window using the commands:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install stuntrally

Games can also be on the website

Information about the game taken from the site UbuntuNews.Ru


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