Twiline-Simple Java (Java Swing) graphical application for speech transcription (manual transcription of audio recordings), a specialized audio player with a built-in text editor.

Transcription (in linguistics) — a method of written transmission of elements of sounding speech (phonemes, allophones, sounds, etc.), a particular set of written signs (phonetic alphabet). In practice, linguistic transcription has a variety of applications.

Twiline is designed to simplify the decoding of long speech recordings (interviews, lectures, etc.), this is achieved by using a specialized audio player combined with a simple text editor.

The Twiline player supports only The WAV audio format (The Waveform Audio File Format)In addition to the standard player functions, you can set the playback interval and adjust the playback speed to suit your personal needs. The text editor supports simple formatting, repeating / returning the changes made (Undo/Redo), inserting the time stamp of the current position, the text is saved in RTF format (Rich Text Format).

Twiline allows you to set up to seven frequently used phrases for quick insertion into text, and supports copying and pasting text to the clipboard. Managing the app (player and text editor) it is focused on the use of the keyboard, so that the user does not need to be distracted by the mouse while working (start, rewind, stop and start again).

License: Apache License V2. 0

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