Alacritty — featured Rust / OpenGL terminal emulator (terminal emulator).

Alacritty according to the author is the fastest among the available terminal emulators and works well under heavy loads. To minimize input lag, accelerated rendering and a significant reduction in the load on the CPU terminal emulator uses the GPU (GPU-accelerated terminal emulator).

Alacritty is conservative for terminal emulators functionality correctly displays all modern console application (e.g. tmux, vim / neovim , etc.), settings are made by editing the configuration file (~/.config/alacritty/alacritty.yml or ~/.alacritty.yml).

From the command line to Alacritty you can set any parameters and the location of the configuration file, it sets the mode (windowed/fullscreen), the type of window decorations or lack thereof, scrolling (location, history, number of scrollback lines, etc.), font, and used the theme, working with clipboard and stuff…

Alacritty is aimed at users who prefer to use the keyboard, can be used optionally a mouse. The default uses VIM-like (vim-like) keyboard shortcuts, you can define your own.

License: Apache License V2

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Alacritty Theme

Configuration to Alacritty, vim, tmux, xterm, hyper

Author: posixru


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