Oh My Giraffe

Oh My Giraffe is an endless runner in which you control a giraffe eating his vegetables. Chased angry lions.

The game was originally designed more for mobile applications than for desktop PCs. The paid version available for iOS and Android.

For Linux, Windows and MacOS there is a free version. On the game site about this version is written — “try for free” button. No restrictions on time or functionality I have not found.


You control a giraffe who runs and eats hanging on his journey the fruit. Being chased by lions, which to destroy these same fruits. For this you need to eat a string, on which hangs the fruit, then he will fall to the back of the giraffe and can bounce to the enemy.

In the game the day turns into night and the lions fall asleep. If the fruit gets into the sleeping lion, the lion will Wake up and run for you.

If a lion catch you, the game is stopped.

In eating of the fruit, and destroyed the lions you get points. The aim of the game is to score as many points as possible.


In the game unpretentious, pixel, cartoon graphics, which is typical for simple games for mobile devices.


Control is with the mouse. Need to move in the desired direction, the mouse and the giraffe’s head will move, repeating the movement of the cursor.


The game is written in the Lua programming language and uses the Open Source framework LÖVE.

Install Oh My Giraffe in Ubuntu Linux

In Ubuntu Linux I installed the game from the snap package. To do this, run in terminal the following command:

sudo apt install snapd
sudo install snap ohmygiraffe

Video (install and review game)

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Game site (free download):Oh My Giraffe
The game is cross-platform and works in:

  • Android
  • iOS
  • MacOS
  • Windows
  • Linux

Screenshots of the game

  • Gameplay

  • Leo caught up with

  • Table of records

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