Scourge Project: destroy the evil monsters

Theme experiments on people and fighting bad guys with good old as the world itself. If you combine these two ideas, it will be something like Doom or Resident Evil. In this review, we present to you the game Scourge Project, developed by programmers Studio Tragnarion.

The plot of the game

The Central plot of the Scourge Project is a war between two corporations: “bad” and “good”. The side of the “bad” represents the firm Nogari. Unscrupulous businessmen control almost all of the world market, and simultaneously conducting inhuman experiments on people.

“Good” employer hires a gang of thugs, who must enter the plant Nogari with the purpose of wrecking, sabotage of production processes. As usual in such stories, the experiment was completely out of control, and the laboratory became a refuge for huge monsters, in appearance resembling insects.


The entire game is allowed to “try” each character. That’s just to do it “on the fly” without leaving the level will be difficult. Each of the characters is personality, which has its own character, dark past and a unique combat system. However, not everything is as serious as the developers say. “Dark past” is nothing more than a paragraph of text, which is displayed only once when selecting a hero. Character is manifested in the form of short remarks like “what are we going to do next.”

And when the battle begins…

The method of battle in Scourge Project unfortunately, monotonous. You need to kill the creepy crawlies – watering “before losing momentum”. The game uses a cover system. However, it’s kind of awkward: while in other projects the developers have made the rapids and jumping between various shelters, the soldiers, mercenaries just running from one hiding place to another.

The number of mutants in the game are not just large, and very large. You will not step any step without having to not to face any evil that wants to bite you, or worse, eat.

Somehow, our mercenaries and their opponents have completely different health resources. So, for the “pacification” of the mutant need to spend half a clip. At the same time the soldiers of our unit after one hit I sit down on my knee and waiting for help partner. Help is: run up, and only a few seconds to hold a button “e”.

The linearity of the plot

Another drawback Scourge Project is the linearity of the plot. However, the gameplay resembles not a straight pipe, but rather the movement inside the box. The characters are all the time trying to hack into one panel just to get access to the next.


Despite the linearity of the plot and other shortcomings, Scourge Project still can be recommended as an interesting “ubivalki time” long winter evenings.



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