Backup your Steam files in Linux using SLSK

Looking for an easy and convenient way to back up your game files on Steam?

You’ve found it!

Steam Linux Swiss-army Knife (SLSK) allows you to easily manage backups of your Steam files on any Linux distribution.

Perhaps you once heard about GameSave Manager, which allows you to create a backup of the Steam files in Windows.

So SLSK can be considered opensorce alternative for Linux, but with more functions.

Quick backup/ restore games and configuration files Steam for Linux

Manually copying files can be difficult (even given the fact that you Google this). Many files scattered through the directories and find them without an exact knowledge, is almost impossible.

Steam Linux Swiss Knife is based on a database at work. Thousands of games are available for Linux on Steam, may have their own way of saving configuration files. SLSK collected all this data together, and users can now be calm. Backup will be performed fully and completely. No one, even the slightest file, will not escape.

Using this huge database, SLSK will automatically make backups of your files, thereby safeguarding you from data loss.

In much the same way GameSave Manager works.

However, SLSK boasts several features not found in windowas program.

GSM only works with a save, while SLSK with all the data Steam. This can be configuration files, installation files and even whole games!

We must not forget that it is an OpenSource app which is developed by the whole community. This fact makes it clear that this application can be considered one of the best in its niche; it is in step with the times.

It should be noted that in the databases is that not all games available in Steam for Linux. You can look at this list to make sure that your game will be saved as necessary. If it is not in this list, developers are advised to refrain from creating backups using SLSK.

App features:

  • Save all the game files on Steam
  • Automatic backup and restore
  • GUI interface

Install SLSK on Ubuntu and Linux Mint

Arch users can install SLSK from AUR. OpenSUSE users can use the OBS repository.

But to those who use Ubuntu or Linux Mint?

Will have to build the application from source.

But do not panic, with the following commands you will be able to install SLSK on your PC.

sqlite3 sudo apt install qt5-default g++, make, qt5-qmake git

Now you need to clone the repository SLSK on your computer. Enter the command:

git clone

Go to the folder with SLSK:

cd ~/SLSK

Then run build and install the package:

./ && sudo ./


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