Hover: Revolt of Gamers – runner with elements of parkour

French independent Studio “Fusty Game” decided to create in an open world futuristic runner with elements of parkour. A game called Hover: Revolt of Gamers, this was announced in the Kickstarter page of the project.

Game Hover: Revolt of Gamers is based on the movie “Star wars”, “the Fifth element” and games “Jet Set Radio”, “Mirror’s Edge”. The storyline is not new, but it is still interesting and exciting. The action takes place in the future where the villain is the mayor. He imposed a veto on any kind of entertainment. The worst violators are considered gamers. All violators of this law are sentenced to heavy forced labour for huge warehouses, but most of all, you get fans of video games.

Residents are brainwashed by propaganda. The streets are patrolled by drones and agents to MOP up all the consoles. Players of the underground in response to the rebuff and begins the resistance. Their goal is to overthrow the tyrant and oppressor. The advantage of the resistance fighters – magnetic technology, it enables you to overcome high obstacles, and to run fast.

Gamers must rescue the arrested residents who were detained by police dogs and the police, to find the seized consoles warehouses, destroy propaganda posters, and eventually implemented into the control system of drones and overthrow the cruel tyrant. Here and there elements of parkour, as players have to perform complex tricks and run around town.

The benefits of the game that you can play both independently and with a group of friends. Hover: Revolt of Gamers there’s a multiuser mode, which gives you the opportunity to play for the ruling power. The developers have also provided a dynamic quest system. The player can go about their business, and at the same time to join the underground or upsetting their plans.

The game is being developed since October 2013. Will be released on Linux, PC, PS4, Mac, Xbox One.


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