Release 2.2.0 KeePassXC. New features, fixes, and password generator.

Yanek Beindorff, announcing the 2.2.0 release KeePassXC, reports that the update contains “many new features and bug fixes in the full release.”

Among those new features you will find:

  • Generator temporary one-time password (TOTP)
  • The Diceware password generator
  • YubiKey – response to challenge-response/2FA support
  • The ability to import database CSV
  • The command-line interface (CLI)
  • Portable mode with the configuration file located in the same directory as the application.
  • The Single-instance
  • Extended support ascii password generator
  • Automatic database lock when you lock the desktop session
  • New welcome screen when no database is loaded

“[KeePassXC] 2.2.0 today is the biggest release KeePassXC, and we thank all those who made possible the production of this wonderful release,” adds Beindorff.

KeePassXC is a child app of password Manager KeePassX, which is itself a port of a Windows application KeePass.

Download and install KeePassXC on Ubuntu

KeePassXC available for download and installation on Ubuntu and other Linux distributions in various ways, including applications AppImage and Snap.

The last one is the recommended way to install KeePassXC on Ubuntu. You can install the app KeePassXC 2.2.0 Snap through the command line or using the links below:

Install KeePassXC


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