Bundle of 5 games “Humble Bundle Eyecandy” is already waiting for you

Fresh, good bunch of games now available on the website of the guys from Humble Bundle.

In ‘the Humble Eye Candy Bundle’ includes a set of 7 games. Games, for excerpts from the press releases, “not only fun to play, but it is interesting just to watch’.

As always, you choose the amount you are willing to pay for this bundle, this time you will have 3 options.

In this economical version is available 7 games, but only 5 of them are supported on Linux. But even so, 5 games for cheap is better than expensive, isn’t it?

Games and section “pay what you can afford”:

  • Human Resource Machine (Linux)
  • A Boy and His Blob (Linux)
  • Ouida: Risky”s Revenge – Director’s Cut

If you pay more than current average prices:

  • Mini Metro (Linux)
  • Mushroom 11 (Linux)
  • Towerfall Ascension (Linux)

And if you pay more than $10 – you’ll also get:

  • Evoland 2

Archive weighing in at 100 MB with beautiful pictures of games Eyecandy Bundle is free to download.

All games are from bundles, Humble Eye Candy Bundle available on Steam for Windows, Mac and Linux (if ported).

Interested? Fly to the Humble Bundle website to learn more about each game and dilute your collection!

Visit ‘The Humble Eyecandy Bundle’

And you were playing in something of this bunch? Do you like it?

Source: omgubuntu.ru

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