Blood Frontier: shooter game for Ubuntu

For the Linux operating system has many interesting shooters. One of them is Blood Frontier. Describing the game, it should be noted that it is typical for the genre: there is a lot of grenades and various weapons, and the bots are smart enough (you are guaranteed not to be bored). Something Blood Frontier is reminiscent of Quake. So, if you’ve played Quake, then you will probably love Blood Frontier.

Some of the features of Blood Frontier

As “engine” in Blood Frontier uses Cube Engine 2, and the graphics rendering is provided by OpenGL. It should be noted that the game is built in map editor, and configure all in Blood Frontier may be perfectly to suit your needs.

In spite of the rather advanced artificial intelligence, it is better to play with a “living enemy”, that is with their friends. The developers gave us the choice of several modes, which include capture the flag, desmatch, etc. for a free product, Blood Frontier has a pretty good graphical component, as well as music.

Now for the cons, and, moreover, quite large. Unfortunately, the game is not supported since 2009. Until 2009 to fight in the game was also on the network, but now servers are not corny. Therefore updates don’t wait. However, this fact does not prevent the game to be popular: C game download from 500 to 1000 times a week. It may well be that the fan (or group thereof) will undertake to update Blood Frontier, and then the project is guaranteed a “second life”.

Install Blood Frontier on Ubuntu

The game can be installed on Linux, Windows and Mac OS. Let us examine the installation of the games for example, operating system Ubuntu. For installation, you will need to connect the PlayDeb repository. Then the game can be installed normally via the software center or synaptic and searching for keyword bloodfrontier. Either by typing in a terminal window the following command:

sudo apt-get install bloodfrontier  

Exciting game!

And, by the way, Blood Frontier has a pretty low system requirements, so to fight a "virtual enemy" can even the owners of weak computers.


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