New Linux games on Kickstarter

Last Tuesday, as always marked with new games for the operating system Linuxна the Kickstarter project. Today we will tell you about the ambitious multiplayer role-playing game similar to UltimaOnline, about adventures on a mysterious canadian island and stylish shooter-puzzler Superhot. Of course, this is not all the popular games Linux 2014: watch for new articles on our website, and you will always be aware of the latest novelties of the gaming industry!

Shards Online

Usually the term “Shard” refers to the server on which the user launched the game. However, in the “ShardsOnline” this is a world that lives by its own laws and is inhabited by good and evil characters. All the worlds are connected by portals through which you can know the secrets of the Multiverse.

There is no rigid scripts that determine the development of your character – only a set of General rules for the whole world and artificial intelligence. The player needs to improve existing skills and acquire new ones. For example, you can build a house in a quiet area and do the garden, it is possible to become an entrepreneur and create your own trading Empire, or even to be God, deciding the fate of mere mortals. To obtain the games you need to contribute $ 20. At the moment, the team has raised over 36 thousand dollars from the planned 320.


Superhot is a game that combines features of puzzle and shooter. In fact, the project is a simulator of “Neo” from the popular “the Matrix”. Most importantly the game – time to be smart in every situation, be it a skirmish with the enemies in the subway or in the rain on the roof of a skyscraper.

The developers for the last 8 months has significantly altered the project. Now the game will be a new storyline, significantly pohorosheet graphics, the player will be given a greater choice of weapons, and to fight with the enemies will become more interesting, as they are much wiser.

At the moment the project has collected more than needed for their development – 166 thousand dollars instead of 100. To obtain the games you need to pay a fee of 14 us dollars.

The Mystery of Oak Island

The creators of this game – the German developers, vdohnovitsya real stories about a mysterious island Oak island in the canadian province of Nova Scotia. In 1795, they found a strange stone he was all streaked with hieroglyphs. This gave reason to say that the island has countless wealth. In search thereof came not one expedition adventurers, but not everyone was destined to return home. So, documented 6 cases of death under mysterious circumstances.

The main characters of “The Mystery of Oak Island” began James and his girlfriend Anne, who is studying literature at Oxford. Together they find themselves embroiled in a dangerous event, in which the lovers come to the island.

The developers planned to collect for the development of the game was 100 thousand dollars, at the moment the amount of donations is only 14 thousand. To obtain game enough to contribute $ 19.


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