Simutrans: a transport simulation

Simutrans is a transportation simulator: the main objective of the player is to building a successful transport system for transportation of people and goods from point A to point B. the Gameplay and graphics of “Simutrans” reminds OpenTTD. This is no accident: both games are a remake of Transport Tycoon. The first version of the game was released March 6, 1999 programmer Honingham Montanera. At the moment the project is supported by a small community of enthusiasts. “Simutrans” is a cross — platform game. Feel like a Director of a large transport company, users will be able not only Linux but also other operating systems (e.g. Windows and Android).

A brief overview of Simutrans

Each player in Simutrans needs to create, establish and optimize the transportation of people and goods from one point to another. The transport must be carried out in minimum time and with a minimum amount of transport. Your task is to build a company engaged in cargo transportation and in any case to prevent its ruin.

“Simutrans” — is an economic strategy, this means that the player must carefully plan their actions by combining together the different production chains. For example, the coal plant won’t work without coal and oil – without oil. To increase production will have to increase the supply of electrical energy. In Simutrans passengers are free to move from one city to another, from one tourist attraction to another. And, of course, in these journeys, passengers will have several times to change the transport.

At the same time to fight in the “Simutrans” maybe a maximum of 6 opponents. Advantage of this game is freely variable terrain, changing light and dark periods of day and seasons. The drawback is that it can not play on the Internet.

The types of transport and goods

Thanks to developers “Simutrans” players can choose from a large range of vehicles (trucks, buses, trams, ships, planes, trains) and cargo (coal, iron ore, steel, flour, boards, sand, etc.)

Features deployment and configuration

The distribution of the game consists of two parts: an executable and a package of graphics objects. To make changes in Simutrans you need to edit the configuration file. If desired, each player will be able to add in the “Simutrans” own maps and lists of localities.

To install Simutrans on Ubuntu

The game is present in the standard Ubuntu repositories and installed in a regular way with app Center. The name of the package simutrans. For installation in the terminal enter the command:

sudo apt-get install simutrans

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