Thunderbird will update the user interface and improve support for Gmail in 2019

The team of developers of the Thunderbird email client outlined his ambitions for the next year – and if you’re a fan of fast, beautiful things, you will be very pleased.

Email client Mozilla for desktop computers may not be as popular as its desktop browser, but Thunderbird remains a popular application with a large number of followers. In the end, it still comes preloaded with a basic set of Linux distributions, including Ubuntu.

But if the developers carry out their plans, Thunderbird may get a second life.

Update the UI of Thunderbird, the best support for Gmail

The release of Thunderbird 60 last summer brought improved user interface “Photon”, some significant bug fixes and improvements, as well as a new logo.

But changes to the user interface and UX will not end.

Community Manager Thunderbird Ryan Sipes (Ryan Sipes) said that the Thunderbird fans can expect a beautiful app that will work better.

“We have received significant feedback asking you to improve UX / UI, and we’ll work on it in 2019. With the advent of new developers we saw how to improve the user experience in Thunderbird” – says Sipes.

Adding: “in Addition, we will explore the new, faster technology and rewrite part of Thunderbird, and Thunderbird work on a multiprocessor”.

Multiprocess Thunderbird ?! Give me two!.

Among other changes, Thunderbird will use its own notification system for each desktop or operating system, and will produce a “overhaul” for the encryption settings.

Recently extended Thunderbird team wants to concentrate their efforts on the best support for Gmail, especially in relation to labels and other Gmail-specific integrations.

Mail services such as Gmail, doubtless, prevented the popularity of email clients on desktop computers, but they haven’t ruled them out completely. Many still like to work with a local mail database, to manage your email offline or use add-ons to expand your email program. This year, Thunderbird aims to provide exceptional opportunities for those users.

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