WPS Office for Linux – a free alternative to Microsoft Office

If you need free alternative to Microsoft Office for Linux, WPS Office is one of the best options. It can be freely used and it is compatible with MS Office document formats.

WPS Office is a cross – platform package to increase the efficiency of the office. It is lightweight and is fully compatible with Microsoft Office, Google Documents/Spreadsheets/Presentations and Adobe PDF.

For many users, WPS Office is intuitively convenient and sufficiently meets the needs of the user. He gained popularity because of its similarity to Microsoft Office in terms of appearance and compatibility.

WPS Office 2019 Mode All in One

WPS office was created by a Chinese Corporation Kingsoft Corporation. For users Windows WPS Office is a free and premium version. For Linux users of WPS Office free access from the project community.

WPS Office is not software open-source. We consider it here because it is available free for Linux users, sometimes we do a survey on the software created for Linux, even if it is not open source.

WPS Office in Linux

WPS Office in Linux | Image courtesy: Ubuntu Handbook

WPS Office consists of four main components:

  • WPS Writer (Editor)
  • WPS Presentation (Presentation)
  • WPS Spreadsheet (spreadsheets)

WPS Office is fully compatible with MS Office and supports even more formats: .doc .docx, .dotx, .ppt, .pptx .xls, .xlsx, .docm, .dotm .xml .txt, .html .rtf (etc.), also has its own format (.wps .wpt). He includes Mocrosoft fonts by default (for compatibility), can export PDF files and doing a spell check in more than 10 languages.

However, ODT, ODP and other formats open documents turned out not so well.

In all the three major applications of WPS Office interface is very similar to Microsoft Office interface called Ribbon UI. Though small the differences are, in General, use about the same. You can easily clone a document Microsoft Office/Libre Office using WPS Office.

WPS Office Writer

The only thing not to like – so it’s some settings of the default style (for example, some headers, a lot of them), but they can be easily customized.

By default, the WPS saves files in the formats .docx, .pptx and .xlsx. You can still save files in the cloud WPS and continue to work with them from there. Another nice addition is the ability to download a variety of templates here.

Install WPS Office on Linux

WPS provides the installation files for DEB and RPM for Linux distributions. This makes the process of installation of WPS Office is easier if you use the distros based on Debian/Ubuntu or Fedora.

Can download WPS for Linux from its download section:

Download WPS Office for Linux

Scroll down and you will find a link to the package with latest version:

Download WPS Office

Download the appropriate for your distribution file. Installing applications from a DEB file or RPM is simply by double-clicking on them. This opens the Software installation option of office Suite:

The installation package of WPS Office

After a few seconds the app will be successfully installed on your system!

You can look for the WPS in the Applications Menu and find all applications from the Package WPS Office:

Applications menu WPS

What do You use: WPS Office or another office package?

There are other Microsoft Office alternatives with the public key, but they have a weak compatibility with MS Office. However, this does not mean that WPS Office is perfect. He has a weak support of languages like Lao and Thai. Also frustrating and the lack of support for open document format .odt.

Personally, I prefer LibreOffice, but if You need to work a lot with Microsoft Office, you can try WPS Office for Linux. It looks like MS Office and has good compatibility with MS document formats. It is free for Linux so don’t have to worry about the Office 365 subscription.

What office software package are You using? Did you try WPS Office for Linux? How was Your experience with this app?

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