FILE COMMANDER — double C++ / QT graphical file Manager created in Orthodox Total Commander-like traditions.

Total Commander — file Manager closed source (shareware), the first public version was released in September 1993 year. It was a Windows-clone of the then-popular DOS two-panel (dual-panel) file Manager Norton Commander, called Windows Commander. But patent requirement Microsoft at the end of 2002 , he was renamed to the current name with the fourth version of file Manager began to support plug-ins and change the interface.

The authors of the project, it is stated that the main purpose of FILE COMMANDER is providing user redistributable Total Commander-like file Manager (dual-panel file manager), running on all modern platforms (cross-platform).

FILE COMMANDER is a simple two pane interface and minimal settings (settings are saved in the file ~/.config/GitHubSoft/File Commander.conf)has all the functionality needed to work with the file system (copy, move, delete files and directories, rename, create directories, view size, access rights, etc…).

FILE COMMANDER is not demanding on system resources, supports searching, additional functionality is added with plugins. Management the file Manager is focused on the keyboard for some operations, can be used mouse.

License: Apache License V2

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Author: posixru


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