How to disable keyring Ubuntu

In Ubuntu there is a special protected storage where application can store sensitive data such as passwords, personal data and other information. This storage is encrypted by default and is opened with the user password when entering the system.

However, if you have enabled automatic login, either after boot or when you launch the application that requires access to the repository, the system will ask to enter the password to unlock the keychain. I think you did not enable automatic logon. so every time you login to enter a password. But there is a solution. In this article we will discuss how to disable keyring Ubuntu.

How to disable keyring Ubuntu

The first and most simple solution – disable automatic login. Then a bunch of keys to unlock the password that you entered for user authorization. To do this, open the tool Settings, then go to system Information, then Users:

Here click Unlock and type the password of your user.

Then toggle Automatic login to off. Now a bunch of keys Ubuntu will become unlocked when you log in.

But I think that’s not the solution you were looking for. You can also set a blank password to unlock keyring Ubuntu. Then it will always be unlocked, it decreases the security of stored data, but makes using the system more convenient.

Open the main Ubuntu menu and type in the search Seahorse. In the applications list, select Passwords and keys:

Right click on item bundle of the default key in the left pane, and in the opened context menu, select Change password:

Enter the current password, and when the program asks a new one, leave it blank:

Confirm that you want to create a blank password:

All now the password prompt to unlock the keychain won’t bother you again.


In this article, we reviewed how to disable keyring Ubuntu, as you can see, it’s very simple.


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