True Combat: Elite

True Combat: Elite (TCE) is a free tactical first person shooter for Linux. The game is a modification of Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory. True Combat: Elite is designed to play over a network or via the Internet.

Year of release: 2006

Genre: Action (Shooter) / 3D / 1st Person

Developer: team terminator

Publisher: freely available GPL

Platform: cross-platform product. in the distribution option under Linux

System requirements:
— Operating system: Linux, Windows, MacOS
— Processor Intel or AMD with a frequency of 600 MHz
— 128 MB of RAM
— Video card with 32 MB of RAM
— DirectX 9.0 compatible 16-bit sound card
— 280 MB of free space plus 500 MB for the virtual memory file
— Access to the Internet
— DirectX 8.1

Edition type: free, svobodnoradikal

Interface language: only English

Description: True Combat: Elite is a multiplayer modification Wolfenstein — Enemy Territory. Excellent driving dynamics and realistic physics weapons. A lot of maps and different weapons.

You have to choose a side terrorists, or counter-terrorists, respectively, to endeavour to blow up or defuse the bomb.

You can compare conterstrike, but richer in features and more realistic. (honestly — contra in flight(IMHO))

I am grateful to the Ubuntu for this game =) because found it when I was looking for something to play under Linux). The game just do a cross-platform, page download common to all axes.

The game attracted neplohoi graphics (like Linux) and excellent gameplay. Sooo liked the game mode “Bodycount” (when not waiting for the end of the round, and immediately respawn). Sometimes in the evenings when going full server starts meat!. Servers by the way is very much like playing.

1. download from the website archives, download all and EM and the modification, the exception is if you already is NO, then the only modification)

2. # sudo ./
…follow the instructions in the installer

3. # sudo ./
…follow the instructions in the installer

3. updated patches and (stupid to unpack in the game folder(1) in the folder with the mod(2)

under my Ubuntu 10.04 difficulties were audio only, decided the demolition of the pulse

ZavlekalochkaВойдите to likingI like Likes: +1войдите to put the huskies
The website of the game:True Combat: Elite
Download the game:Download True Combat Elite
Cross-platform game
Works in:

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • MacOS

Screenshots of the game

  • True Combat: Elite shooter from the first licencensed provided by the user.

  • True Combat: Elite shooter for LinuxСкриншот provided by the user.


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