Free casual game under Linux JAMP. You play as a squirrel in a wheel, a crucial puzzle in a confined space.

JAMP Ubuntu

The game is very simple and at the same time fun like most casual games. You a squirrel in a wheel and all you can do is to roll on a two-dimensional maze, jump and collect some tools, which you can then apply for appointment.

JAMP Ubuntu

The game has no manual or settings, so do not immediately understand how and what to do. But it is actually very simple. Arrow cursor you move on the playing field left and right, and up arrow jump. To collect an item, traditionally just approaching him, but how to apply it is not quite obvious! You need the mouse to take the subject in the right column and drag to the desired location. For example, throw a bowling ball to the opposite side of the swing to the squirrel planted higher.

JAMP Ubuntu

You can download the game on the website http://jamp.en.uptodown.com/ubuntu

Or install from the repository searching the software Center for the package name jamp or execute in the terminal:

sudo apt-get install jamp

A pleasant time-spending!

JAMP Ubuntu

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