pandoc — a universal Haskell command-line utility for working with text files of numerous formats, the “Swiss army knife” for working with text formats.

The main scope of pandoc is to format mathematical and technical texts. The utility is a high speed, in comparison with other utilities and applications of similar purpose.

pandoc has good support typography (design of printed texts), standard MathML (the mathematical markup language), supports auto-create a table of contents, fully supports Unicode (Unicode).

pandoc has a modular architecture, support for each format is provided by separate modules. There are many ways to configure the utility in accordance with their own needs, including the creation of a system of templates and a powerful filter system.

Utility pandoc provides many useful extensions to the syntax of Markdown (lightweight markup language), including working with document metadata (information about author, title, and date), footnotes, tables, definition lists, superscripts and subscripts, strikethrough, and built-in mathematical commands LaTeX (set of macrodactylini, a macro package of computer typesetting system TeX).

pandoc for rendering mathematical formulas in HTML provides eight different methods (including Mathjax and translation to MathML)the mathematical formulas in LaTeX are displayed in DOCX (Office Open XML) with embedded objects in Word.

pandoc fully supports the formats HTML, Markdown, reStructuredText, LaTeX, OMPL, Org-mode, DocBook , and Office Open XML, support for other formats added optional (e-book formats, technical documentation, and other specialized and rarely-used formats).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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