Dune Legacy is a free clone of Dune 2

Dune can be called the mother of all strategic games! This is one of the first games of this genre, it appeared a couple of years before the equally famous Warcraft. To play as close to the original Dune can and Linux absolutely for free.

The game Dune is based on the story of the eponymous science-fiction novel by Frank Herbert. The events in the game describe the war of the three clans for control of the planet dune is notable for the fact that it is there in large quantity there is a resource like Spice. In fact spice is the main and the only resource which will get.

Dune Legacy Mission 7

Production units engaged in spice harvesters collecting spice harvester drags it to the base and unloading converts into money. For the money, respectively, you build new buildings and buy new units, and do various upgrades.

In addition to the three warring clans on the planet as there is a third force — a huge sand worms can devour any ground equipment, and therefore they have to believe, to protect harvesters and drogue technique by placing her away from the sand.

Dune Legacy Mission 9

To play Dune Legacy wants perhaps only the old and nostalgic gamers, fans of the original game, the youth of this game can seem ugly and not so interesting, but I think at least a basic curiosity will encourage you to look at what started a whole genre of computer games — Real Time Strategy.

Dune Legacy Mission 9

Install Dune Legacy on Ubuntu download deb package from the official website of the game: http://dunelegacy.sourceforge.net (how to install a. deb package). There are also packages for other popular distributions, as well as for Windows and MacOS.

To play you will need files from the original game Dune II:


You can download it here or here.

After you download the archive, open it and copy these files to the folder .config/dunelegacy/data, which is located in your home folder (in my case it is /home/dkplayer). To do this, in file Manager highlight the file and right click, then select copy.

Copying files for Dune Legacy

Then hit Ctrl+L and type in the address bar of the file Manager the path.

Change the directory in Nautilus

After these simple manipulations run the game from the applications menu and enjoy.


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