Speed Dreams 2.0 third alpha version

Became available for testing the third alpha version of a racing simulator Speed Dreams 2.0. Speed Dream is a fork (offshoot) of the famous simulator Torks. In the new version we are waiting for new cars, new tracks, improving performance and graphics quality.

The alpha version is available for installation in Ubuntu 10.04 and above via PPA repository:


Please remember this is only alpha version and there may be different glitches!

If you don’t know how to install PPA repository then you here.

The game is a classic race on the sports track. You a choice of several types of cars and tracks compared to modern racing simulators and arcade racing like NFS or Grand Tourismo game is certainly lost in garpike, but the physics of the process and the excitement of the race this does not lose. So at least look for her!

Official website: http://www.speed-dreams.org/


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