Civilization V

For anybody not a secret that until recently, the most interesting games supported only the Windows operating system. With the launch of the digital distribution service Steam, the situation began to slowly change that should please followers of the family of Linux operating systems. Steam makes games easy, and purchase them convenient and profitable for the end user.

The fifth version of “civilization,” appeared on 21 September 2010 in USA. After 2 months, November 23, the developers have provided support for OS X, and only 4 years later the game has to support all operating systems. On this occasion the developer put up a huge sale: buy 3 to 5 version Civilizationможно with 75% discount. The developer of the Windows version of the game is FiraxisGames, and versions for Linux and MacOS X were released by Aspyr Media.

The main goal of the player is to build a successful civilization from ancient times to our time. The usual players and recognized experts agree that “Civilization” is the greatest global strategy today.

In the fifth version of the game, a number of new features: more different options for development, the enemy is smarter, the graphics component of the game has become more colorful, and the multiplayer more diverse and interesting.

Training mode will be useful not only for beginners but also for professionals who are just beginning to learn a new version. Global wars and local battles will now become even masshtabnee: you can attack the enemy on several fronts, and support your troops with artillery barrage. A variety of strategies to appeal to those who like to experiment.

In Civilization V will come true all your childhood fantasies and dreams: you will conduct your civilization through the ages, from primitive society to the atomic era, would become the founder of a religion, will meet with the greatest politicians, scientists, poets. You will be able to try on the role of the strategist, diplomat, or inventor. Create the history of the Earth yourself!

Install Civilization V on Linux

To play the civilization under Ubuntu you must first install Steamand then buy the game.


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