Dangerous Insects is a Tower Defense for Ubuntu and Windows

Dangerous Insects – the game, developed by a loner, who simply and modestly called indie developers. Usually, these games have unusual gameplay and polar quality graphics from primitive cubes to the beautifully drawn characters. In this case, the picture looks good.Dangerous Insects – this is a game where the player will have to protect the defenseless plants from voracious insects that literally crowds rush to “recess”. Stop! But it’s nothing like TD – that is a popular genre of Tower Defense. Games of this type a lot and need something truly unique to stand out from the crowd. By the way, the plants in the game are not defenseless, and some have sharp teeth, but let’s start from the beginning…
Setting, setting, and once again the setting is what first catches when viewing game screenshots and videos. Hand-drawn, cartoonish graphics; bright colors; full three-dimensionality and the absolute lack of blood. The picture as a whole leaves a pleasant impression. Agree that violence in games is sometimes boring, but this kind of game can offer young players. However, graphics will not be full.

And how it is played?

The Tower Defense genre implies the presence of many opponents who are obsessively trying to get to a certain point, on the way sweeping shape of the player tower. Usually the action takes place linearly, by increasing the power of the waves. Dangerous Insects offers the same… but then what is the singularity?

Mass. Ranks “pace” caterpillar purposefully approaching as strict military orders of plants look impressive and epochal. Attack the enemy can simultaneously be carried out from several directions, and even from the air space. Each type of unit has its own logic of behavior. Someone is trying to gnaw the most powerful plants of the player, and someone “on the sly” seeps to the desired point. By the way, those endpoints (as in the game is the pits) can also be several. So we have the player to show remarkable strategic talent to keep the position. This can help and superpower, such as “restore life” or “toxic rain”. However, such global features are not feature a single game and are present in many TD. But bet on a strategic bias really Dangerous Insects from a number of Tower Defense.

And in the end.

A bit unusual gameplay, nice graphics, focus on children’s audience (and not only) – this game could brighten up a few evenings for the whole family. Dangerous Insects is still in development, but is already available for Windows and Linux. in the near future a version for Mac. To purchase the game through the system of distribution of games Desura. By the way, it will be in the store of Ubuntu. At the moment you can follow the process on the website of the game in Desura (http://www.desura.com/games/dangerous-insects) or on its own developer site (http://www.prandgames.com).


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