Forma.8: new arcade game from MixedBag

Italian manufacturer of games, the company MixedBag has released a new arcade game Forma.8. The center of the story is the probe that landed on a distant and unknown planet. The developers promise that the game will not leave indifferent not only beginners but also for gamers and professionals. The objectives of little dragon included search and recovery of a powerful energy source that lies somewhere beneath the surface of the soil.

Driving tip-the dragon, you will be unforgettable, with nothing comparable to the feeling of flying. It should be noted that the probe is not equipped with weapons, has no abilities or lives. Dragon you just need to control so as not to “run into” the numerous dangers in the form of fireballs and projections. Following these simple rules, you can easily bring your “little dragon” until the end of the game.

Feature of the game is a harmonious blend of hand drawn and 3D graphics and physics entirely and completely obey all three of Newton’s laws. The enemies here like are divided into three types: just enemies, large enemies and large enemies. Describing the game, it should be said about the puzzles, the secrets that will uncover, as well as the world that must be explored. In the game there is no dialogue, no lyrics – the player receives the necessary information through sounds and images.

The game is based on Unity engine. Enjoy MixedBag by the owners of game consoles, mobile devices and computers with Mac operating systems and Linux. The game can be download from the service Steam.

The developers themselves say that MixedBag is the result of experiments to create a mobile version of the game. The advantage of the product is stylish in appearance, made through high-quality flat graphics. No problem is rendering images in 1080p, full screen anti-aliasing and “broadcast” 60 frames per second. Seasoned players will surely be able to note some similarities of the game with Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet. Sound and musical background of the game was created by Omar ferro. He also worked on the musical component of Futuridium EP.


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