KAtomic — a small C++ / QT / KDE edutainment puzzle game inspired by the games Atomix and Sokoban. The game is part of the project KDEGames (KDE community).

Atomix (the Atomics) — step-by-step puzzle game in which the player of the separated atoms form a molecule by certain rules of the game mechanics. The puzzle is fun and has educational potential.

Sokoban (Warehouse Keeper) is a logic puzzle game in which the player moves boxes around a maze, shown in plan view, with the aim to put all the boxes into position. The game rearranges interest from the point of view of computational complexity.

The aim of the game KAtomic is a compilation of disparate molecules from atoms, according to certain rules of the game mechanics, the molecule which must be displayed in the embedded window.

Around the selected atom appear arrows, these arrows show the direction in which you move the atom. The atom moves in a predetermined direction until it encounters an obstacle, if two identical atoms bond, they form molecules.

In one move you can only move one atom, the level is passed if the resulting molecules the structure of molecules in the sample. The first level is the wait, at higher levels you need to plan every move. The best result means that the molecules in the fewest number of moves.

KAtomic is partially customizable interface (like most KDE applications), a scalable game window, it is possible to download extra levels to control using mouse and/or keyboard shortcuts (fully customizable).

License: GNU General Public License version 2.0 (GPLv2)

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