Top 5 Time Management Apps In Elementary Os

1. Reminduck

Remember your tasks in a surprisingly intrusive way

Reminder is a simple reminder app that is quick and easy to use – it focuses on simple or repetitive reminders with a set time and date and nothing more.

It’s perfect if all you want is simple or daily/weekly/monthly reminders. Reminduck doesn’t have much more to offer right now – but you can help and send your ideas to the developers.

It also quacks..

Download Reminduck and more from Elementary AppCenter, an open, paid app store for indie developers. Every open source app is reviewed and curated by the Elementary team to ensure respect and safety when used.

Download: Reminduck

2. Timer

The best and easiest timer

  • Start the timer with a simple message, for example, 5 minutes 15 seconds or 5m3s, or only 5 to 5 minutes.
  • You can assign a name to your timer by double-clicking it
  • Various color options to choose from
  • Available command-line options, see –help for more information.

Download: Timer

3. Rush

A timer using the pomodoro technique

An app that allows you to manage your time to break down your work into intervals, as well as to keep you focused.

The Pomodoro technique is a fairly well-known time management technique that has helped a huge number of people.

Download: Rush

4. Time Limit

Simple and beautiful timer

Drag the blue arrow to set the timer. Release to start, and tap to pause. When the time is over, a notification will appear with a pleasant sound.

Keyboard abbreviations:

  • Space to pause/start
  • Esc to reset

Download: Time Limit

5. Date Countdown

Minimalistic date countdown widget

Add countdown timers for specific future dates

  • It’s easy to imagine how much time you have left before an important event.
  • Keep an eye on the upcoming project deadlines
  • Can be installed on the desktop for permanent reminders

Download: Date Countdown

In conclusion

Do you use other good applications related to time management in Linux and Elementary OS? Please share it in the comments.


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