CoreBreach is published under an open license

CoreBreach is a futuristic racing combat in space with the missing gravitatiei. The company CoreCode game developer has released the core components under an open license.


Just under a free license GPLv2 was published, the game itself CoreBeach. The remaining components have been released under the MIT license. Among them used in the game engine Core3D, a library and a resource editor CoreLib and Core3D-Editor respectively. Game data, such as music, textures and so on laid out in free access but not under a free license.

The game can still be purchased in the Ubuntu software center for a modest 4.99$. Advanced users can try to collect from the source codes yourself. This requires Clang, the latest version of GNUstep Runtime Means, as well as the source code of the game, which can be obtained on the website:

Or wait for dobrovoltsy collect the game using open resources and organize a separate ppa repository 😉


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