Released Firefox 66, here’s what’s new

Mozilla Firefox 66 is available for download for Windows, MacOS and Linux, and for Android devices.

The browser update includes new settings interface, bug fixes, and performance improvements across all operating systems. Also there are a few changes that are specific to Linux.

Read more about what’s new in Firefox 66, read on!

66 Firefox: features and fixes

Improvements view

If you use Firefox on a Linux system, the first thing you may notice after downloading or updating, this is what the browser looks much better.

Why? Because Firefox uses 66 CSD by default in Linux.

Comparison of Firefox in Ubuntu CSD 18.10

Compact combined title bar / tab takes up less space vertically, providing more room for web content. CSD also assists the browser to blend in with modern Linux systems, where processing on the client side and the “title bar” are the norm (e.g. Ubuntu).

If you prefer the old look, you don’t need to panic. You can re-enable separate title bar and tab bar panel settings.

Firefox by default disables autorun multimedia

66 Firefox by default blocks all the media players with audio.

It’s supposed to prevent web sites from the undesirable “auto start” advertising to drive your speakers!

You can override this behavior by adding sites to the white list manually, or completely disable this feature.

The improvement in performance.

Firefox 66 should be slightly faster than the old version because the add-in now store their settings in the database Firefox, and not in a separate JSON file. This change, says Mozilla “does every website you visit, faster.”

Some improvements in scrolling behavior (in particular, support for binding the scroll) should lead to a smooth scroll of the page.

Also included is the appropriate fix for a performance problem that was affecting Linux users that tried to use bar Downloads.

Search open tabs

66 releases the Firefox browser with the ability to search through open tabs, including the tabs open on other devices (requires Firefox Sync).

Although this particular change does not change the way you view web pages, it should simplify the search open tab, which, as you know, is open, but is currently lost among the many other tabs.

Other changes in Firefox 66

  • The revised section hot keys in about: addons
  • Basic support touchpad macOS
  • Support Windows Hello

How to get Firefox 66


You can download 66 Firefox for Windows, MacOS and Linux from the official website.

Android users will find the update in the Play store.


If you are using a supported version of Ubuntu, you can upgrade to Firefox 66 using the Software Updater tool.

Firefox updates usually take a day or two for all in Ubuntu, so be patient and/or continue to check.

Firefox for Windows and MacOS come with a built-in update management.

What to expect in Firefox 67

Firefox 67 promises some interesting improvements, including support for Linux for AV1 by default.

AV1 is a free video codec that provides superior quality at lower bandwidth. Unlike H. 264 and HEVC, there is no fee for the license, so you can not only expect video sites like Netflix, will add support for it, but also to enable hardware decoding on devices such as Raspberry Pi!

Source: Mozilla


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