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Imaginary Teleprompter is a specialized WebUI (JavaScript) graphics application scrolls the text as you read it, full-featured teleprompter professional level.

Teleprompter (the teleprompter, teleprompter, teleprompter, etc) — special display designed to display the text of the speech of the speaker or the text of the script for the actor unbeknownst to the viewer. Previously, this used a paper tape or card.

When placing the tip near the lens speaker has to look away, the teleprompter is right in front of the lens, so that the speaker is referring to a clue does not cease to look at the camera, so the viewer has the illusion of spontaneous speech.

Modern teleprompters are the computer monitors near the cameras and the translucent mirror in front of the lens. The monitors (usually black and white) displays the inverted image after the reflection in the mirror looks fine. Using the peripheral device is slow down or speed up text scrolling and even scrolling in the opposite direction.

Imaginary Teleprompter – provides all the necessary for the teleprompter functionality, the user interface as simple and intuitive. In addition to scrolling text create text for the teleprompter, the text editor is made based on the Rich Text Editor, a standalone version of the web editor CKEditor.

CKEditor is a free WYSIWYG (visual) text editor designed for use on web pages. A feature of the editor is small size and low system requirements, allowing you to use all the features of the editor without the need to install it on the client side.

Imaginary Teleprompter allows you to set and control the text scroll speed in accordance with speed of reading, scrolling, you can pause, supports zoom in and zoom out text in real-time (dynamic changing of font size), there are several ways mirrored text optionally display the timer.

You can run two instances of Imaginary Teleprompterfor dynamic changes to text and work with two monitors, a mirror, and/or with different screen resolutions. In addition to the standard mode, the teleprompter commonly used in professional equipment, there is a tablet mode and a mode of Webcams that allows you to set the focus area to use the proper equipment.

The text “default” is displayed in white letters on a black background, but you can set your own color scheme and font. Text editing is similar to that used in word processors, support for inserting images (local or from network), it is possible to create and display mathematical equations (using the built-in equation editor CodeCogs).

The script of the teleprompter has several styles of display text, it is possible to create your own styles to the changes automatically save. The text for the teleprompter can be created in a third-party word processor (LibreOffice for example), insert a web page (HTML document) and so on…

Imaginary Teleprompter supports windowed and fullscreen mode, with automatically determined or specified resolution of the screen for quick navigation through the text you can use keyboard shortcuts, making reference to specific words (paragraphs), for a normal scroll using a mouse.

License: GNU General Public License version 3.0 (GPLv3)

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